Transformed my teeth and my smile

I was coming to Hoi An for a holiday in June and I knew I needed some dental works done (crowns). I did some research to try and find a dentist I was comfortable with. It is a big leap of faith to have someone in a foreign country work on your teeth. I had read good reviews about Dr Diep in Danang and booked an appointment with her.
I thought I had 6 or 8 crowns to be done, however after examination Dr Diep said I needed 20 (yes twenty!) crowns done. Her explanation was a good one, she said all of the teeth impacted all others and it was better to do them all at once.
I was only in Hoi An for 7 days, however Dr Diep was able to schedule me in for a half-day of treatment each day for 5 days.
I initially blanched at having 20 crowns done (based on the pain, the cost and the disruption to my holiday), however I am know incredibly glad I did!
Crowns here in Sydney are $1,000-1,500AUD each (and I had a friend who just paid $3,000AUD). By comparison, Dr Diep offered great value at around $320AUD per crown.
Dr Diep and her team were incredibly professional and did a much better job than I think I would have got in Australia. They spent countless hours making sure the crowns and the fitting were correct, While at times I just wished they would finish and I could get on with my holiday, I really appreciate the patience it took to make sure everything was absolutely right.
Dr Diep and her team transformed my teeth and my smile, and I could not recommend the outcome or the value highly enough.
On a side note, the clinic is a friendly and hygienic place in a nice neighborhood of Danang. Don’t be afraid that it is not a big, sterile, multi-story building.